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Atlanna was a member of the Atlantean Royal Family, formerly the Queen of Atlantis and the mother of Aquaman before her “death” and “resurrection” as a mermaid. Atlanna was wife and Queen to King Trevis of Atlantis, however, the king was sterile and thus their marriage was childless, however, despite this Atlanna still loved her husband. One night, while asleep, she was visited and seduced by

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Atlantis is the name of a continent located in the North Atlantic Ocean and represents one of the earliest and most highly advanced cultural societies on Earth. Untold millennia ago, groups of pilgrims settled in the greater Atlantean region establishing twelve

Aquaman is born as Orin to Queen Atlanna and the mysterious wizard Atlan in the Atlantean city of Poseidonis. Orin and his brother Orm grow up together. 2018 After the death of his mother Queen Atlanna, Orin become the king of Atlantis. which Orm didn’t the

Entertainment Weekly revealed two Aquaman-themed covers for their upcoming issue which hits stands on Friday including our first look at Nicole Kidman’s Atlanna and Amber Heard’s Mera. The first cover features Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry aka Aquaman

Atlanna is the Atlantean mother of Aquaman and Ocean Master. Though her role changes depending on the continuity, she is most commonly depicted as the Queen/Princess of Atlantis who falls in love

AQUAMAN dives in with first look stills, fierce magazine covers! Warner Bros. and DC’s Aquaman standalone is taking over the next issue of Entertainment Weekly with a series of first looks! With a feature to come in this Friday’s issue of the magazine, DC offered

The father of Aquaman, lighthouse keeper Tom Curry’s life was forever changed when he encountered Atlanna, Queen of the lost city of Atlantis. Read more about Thomas Curry DC Comics

Aquaman is recognized as the son of Atlanna and is later voted to be the King after the death of the former regent, who has no heirs. By this time Aquaman had met Mera, a queen from a water-based dimension, and married her shortly after he became king.

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《海王》(英語:Aquaman,港台译《水行俠》)是一部2018年美國超級英雄電影,改編自DC漫畫旗下的同名角色,同時也是DC擴展宇宙的第六部作品。該片由溫子仁執導並與傑夫·強斯共同創作故事,大衛·萊斯利·強森-麥古德瑞克(英语:David Leslie Johnson

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Sinopsis Aquaman (2018) : Film Aquaman menceritakan mengenai Raja Tujuh Laut yaitu Aquaman serta rumitnya peraturan yang ada di dalam Atlantis. Aquaman atau yang dikenal dengan nama Arthur Curry merupakan pewaris dari Kerajaan bawah laut

We have our first official look at Nicole Kidman in character as Queen Atlanna in Aquaman! The image was revealed on one of the Barnes & Noble exclusive covers of Entertainment Weekly. On the

Nicole Kidman In Running To Play Atlanna In Aquaman. The Moulin Rouge! star is in talks to play the Atlantean matriarch in the planned DC film. Others cast in the DC Comics feature are Jason Momoa

Viewers watched Atlanna fall in love with a human lighthouse keeper, Tom Curry (Temuera Morrison), and eventually give birth to their child, Arthur, who grew up to be Jason Momoa’s Aquaman.

Aquaman es una película de superhéroes estadounidense de 2018 basada en el personaje del mismo nombre de DC Comics y distribuida por Warner Bros. Pictures. Es la sexta entrega del Universo extendido de DC (DCEU). Dirigida por James Wan, con un

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Warner Bros. has released new images from the upcoming ‘Aquaman’ movie, which offer a look at Jason Momoa’s DC character alongside Nicole Kidman, Amber Heard, and more

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for director James Wan’s Aquaman, in theaters now. When Jason Momoa as Aquaman in February 2015 with an image bearing the phrase “Unite the Seven,” it kicked off more than two years of speculation about

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Aquaman (also known by his real name Arthur Curry) is a superhero and the overall tertiary tritagonist of the DC Extended Universe. He is a cameo character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and one of the five titular main protagonists of Justice

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Atlanna is a character from DC Comics, the mother of Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, and the former queen of Atlantis. In her youth, she fled from Atlantis in order to escape from her arranged marriage to the then-King of Atlantis, journeying to the surface world. There

film Aquaman. The covers show off Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, Amber Heard as Mera, and Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanna, Aquaman’s mother. Aquaman and his two best gals have graced the cover of

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