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Recent quick movement of priority dates of EB3 for India has resulted in many looking for options to downgrade. Porting of Previous Priority Date: According to 8 C.F.R. 204.5(e), a subsequent EB-1, EB-2 or EB-3 petition is entitled to earliest priority date, unless

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All PDs Trackitt ID,Priority Date ,RFE Recd Y/N,RFE Rcvd Date,2nd RFE Rcvd Date,RFE Response Date,I-485 Rcvd Date,I-485 Approved,I-485 Approval Date,Service Center TSC/NSC,Officer IDs,Number of Dependents,RFE Details – Medical, EVL, Paystubs,

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Most workers have to wait for their priority date to be come current before they are allowed to file their I-485 Adjustment of Status Petition. The USCIS will not accept your I-485 Adjustment of Status Petition until your priority date is current. The priority date is the

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EB-3 is an visa preference category for United States employment-based permanent residency.It is intended for “skilled workers”, “professionals”, and “other workers”. Those are prospective immigrants who don’t qualify for the EB-1 or EB-2 preferences. The EB-3

31/1/2019 · If EB3 India bypasses this priority date can I apply for downgrade and I485 at the same time? Is there a possiblity that USCIS can deny a downgrade in such case? Yes, you can concurrently file the downgrade with an I-485 if the priority date is current. However

3/10/2014 · EB2-3 Predictions (Rather Calculations) Welcome. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ. I’ve a very positive prediction for EB3-India folks who are waiting for more than 10 years in the GC Q. Back in May’14 I was predicting that EB3-India will

After being “unavailable” since June, employment-based third preference (EB3) numbers are now available. For all countries other than India, China and Mexico, the EB3 priority date will be January 1, 2005. EB3 China will move to October 1, 2001, EB3 India will

I have a question about the downgrade process of EB2 to EB3. Currently my EB2-India priority date is 01/10/2010. I cannot file for I-485 just yet for EB2 but the date of filing for EB3-India is Feb 1, 2010. USCIS is allowing us to use the Date of Filing chart for all

My priority date is Aug 2011 – EB2 India. How long may it take to become current? Epic / Eng SystemDown more Oct 23, 2017 17 Comments Bookmark function I am hearing very conflicting answers, and wanted to see if anyone who has been following the

I-485 RFE – Priority date becoming current My I-485 (employment-based EB3-India) is pending since 2007. My priority date is October 2003. I just responded to an RFE. Will this

I am currently in the process of getting my employment based Green Card.I have filed under EB3 category and I am a citizen of India. Background-EB3 India / Priority Date – Mar 05 I140 approved Filed 485 in Jul 07 Currently based in Illinois; working from home for

What to Do When Your Priority Date Is Current One day, your priority date will become current—in other words, you will finally see a later date, or the letter “C” on the “Dates for Filing” Visa Bulletin chart. Then it’s time to move forward with the process of getting

EB2 Priority Date One of the most common factors about the EB2 priority date is the constant fluctuation and uncertainty that is associated with the priority dates. On an average, every green card holder needs to file his petition on his own or via a sponsor.

Upon approval, the employee must wait for priority date to become current and file I-485 petition for the green card. The applicant/investor Finalizes the choice of EB-5 investment Files the I-526 petition Executes the investment upon receiving I-526 approval and

The priority date is capped but here is an additional provision. if your priority dates are current and you have filed I-485 with the old employer, after 180 days of the I-485 pendency and the I-140 approval you can take any job anywhere with any employer and be

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This retrogression occurred in all categories, except for China and India, where the retrogression is worse. My priority date is March 2007. How long do i have to wait for a visa interview date? Thank you! Reply Delete Replies MU Law February 18, 2020 at 11

The undersigned are beneficiaries of employment-based immigration, third preference (“EB3”). We are waiting for our priority date to become current so we can submit/finalize our adjustment of status application (i.e. receive our green cards) under EB3 category.

A complete overview of Employment-based green cards – requirements, processing times, pros & cons, differences between EB1, EB2, EB3, EB4 and EB5. A few days ago, I received a question from one of our blog readers: What is the difference between the EB1

13/2/2018 · The U.S. Department of State (DOS) has released the March 2018 Visa Bulletin.India’s cutoff date in the employment-based, second preference (EB2) category inches ahead by


The February 2020 Visa Bulletin was recently released. Nothing particularly of note other than that EB1 India continues to see no movement whatsoever. EB1 India has now seen no forward movement from its 1 January 2015 priority date since it first retrogressed in the June 2019 Visa Bulletin.

EB2 and EB3 visas are permanent residency visas (green cards) for skilled professionals or academics. The EB2 Visa, or Employment-Based “Exceptional” Ability or Advanced Degree Permanent Residence/Green Card (Second Preference), is for members of professions holding advanced degree or equivalent, or “exceptional ability” (expertise significantly above that ordinarily encountered) in

EB1 EB2 EB3 India China Pending applications Last updated on 5/31/2016 Total number of pending I485 applications for India and China based on Priority Date India and China EB2 Filing and Final action dates Note: Year columns indicate the priority date.

For all countries except India, China, Philippines, and Mexico: F2A category priority date remains current, F2B preference advances 24 days to a PD of 15 September 2014, F4 category remains at 1 July 2006; EB1 advances 90 days to 1 March 2019; EB2 to 1

EB3 India – Priority Date The Green Card already reflects a hard step in the immigration activity for any individual who wishes to immigrate to US. The whole fight associated to these procedures force different individuals to hold for years to get the approval for their US residency.

Under the Employment based Immigration under EB2 (INDIA) – Since the priority dates for Indian Origin has advanced.I have my I-140 approved and my priority date is Nov 1st, 2010, I am eligible to file I-786 EAD but I am not sure if I am eligible to file I-485 at this time i.e. ( Adjustment of status ) , G325 biometrics, I-693 Medical Forms & Can I file it right away or do i have to wait till

Immigrant Visa Processing Changes – EB1 India will retrogress; EB2 China will advance, but EB2 India will not change; EB3 Worldwide will advance; Visa Office on Priority Dates, Demand, and

Visit the post for more. Green Card Spill Over Calculation For Eb1 Eb2 Eb3 India Eb1a priority date not cur for all countries in august new cutoff dates and retrogression in employment based dos visa bulletin retrogression in employment based visas green card

New visa bulletin shows that EB1A priority dates are not current again in November 2018. Here are the 3 suggestions what you can do next. Typically, people from India and China are backlogged in other green card categories and they often do non-concurrent filing.

The priority date cut-off for EB-2 India could advance as far as February 2008 in the August or September Visa Bulletin, according to Charles Oppenheim, the senior State Department official responsible for visa control. The EB-2 India cut-off date has been stalled