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Several hundreds of protesters handed out anti-government flyers in more than 16 languages to arrival passengers at the Hong Kong in at Hong Kong airport to reiterate their ‘five demands

12/2/2020 · in this Jan. 1, 2020, photo, a protester shows a five demands gesture as Hong Kong people participate in their annual pro-democracy march to insist their five demands be matched by the government in Hong Kong. The city’s often-tumultuous street protests had

After a week of relative calm throughout Hong Kong, pro-democracy protestors renewed their activism after Carrie Lam’s administration failed to make any progress on meeting the ‘five demands‘ a week after sweeping electoral victories for the movement. We provide

4/11/2019 · Chinese President Xi Jinping praised Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s leadership and hard work during a surprise meeting in Shanghai Monday, despite months of violent protests on her watch.

The demands are supposed to be impossible and not accomplish anything. The 2 biggest covered riots by Western media currently, are probably the gilet jaune and Hong Kong. There is almost no coverage on the Haiti riot, or the current Indonesian ele

Millions of people have descended on Hong Kong for over 17 weeks of pro-democracy protests that have turned violent at times Protesters have 5 key demands Protest groups have put forward five

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.) Chief Executive Carrie Lam today said recent protests have escalated beyond their original demands, pushing Hong Kong to the verge of a very dangerous situation. Speaking to reporters in the

16/8/2019 · Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam finally gave in to one of the five demands from protesters, announcing in a televised address that she will withdraw a controversial bill that ignited the massive

All you need to know about the demonstrations in Hong Kong – the short and the long story. Hong Kong’s protests started in June against plans to allow extradition to mainland China. Critics feared

The bill’s formal withdrawal meets only one of five key demands emphasised by some protesters, who have often chanted “five demands, not one less” in Hong Kong’s streets. The others are:

Foreign Policy’s five best reads on a city in chaos. Hong Kong has been seized by protests for seven months, and the movement shows few signs of slowing down. The city, once

HONG KONG — The announcement this week by Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam to formally withdraw a perhaps only satisfying all five core demands can bring some peace to Hong Kong. As

Hong Kong protests: Carrie Lam misses her chance to restore calm Hong Kong’s leadership has tried to win back public trust to calm protests. But with the demands of the pro-democracy movement, and

They believe the Hong Kong government is Beijing’s puppet, and without Beijing’s consent, Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong government, cannot accept their five demands.

“We have seen that (Hong Kong Chief Executive) Carrie Lam has been able to have talks on discussing the protesters’ five demands. Looks like she’s looking to address at least two of them right

“Hong Kong police know the law but break it” and “Restore Hong Kong, revolution of our time” are among the clarion calls of the resistance movement. Chants and slogans of Hong Kong’s protests

HONG KONG—When protests aren’t unfolding on the streets of Hong Kong, the city marches on: people walking to 3 months ago Thousands Rally in Support of Hong Kong

ejinsight 20191024-not-just-five-demands-five-lessons-too-for-carrie-lam Hkej ejinsight.com By now, our leaders should know violence won’t end just because they demand it. They have lost all

Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam offers talks but shuns protesters’ demands City’s chief executive still refuses to say extradition bill is withdrawn, stays silent on call for independent inquiry. Hong Kong

HONG KONG — Hong Kong’s police force requested that the city shutter subway stations or halt train service on at least ten occasions that coincided with major pro-democracy protests, records obtained by BuzzFeed News show. Clean, efficient and quick, the

Read here to know about the significance of 2019 Hong kong protests and why they oppose anti-extradition bill. Six student unions have said they will escalate protest actions if the government does not respond to their demands over the controversial

Hong Kong’s Lam hopes for end to crisis, but protesters dig in Now-withdrawn extradition bill sparks three months of protests, but pro-democracy protesters have more demands. Hong Kong leader

(AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein) Hong_Kong_Protests_30549 A pro-democracy protester holds an umbrella and a placard which reads “Five demands, adhere to

The Hong Kong government should hold a dialogue with protesters without preconditions, according to international peacemaking experts who floated suggestions on how to solve the city’s unprecedented political crisis.At a closed-door forum attended by about 400

6 Hongkongers on how the protests have transformed their lives and their city “If we don’t win The protesters in Hong Kong tend to live in the present: this one demonstration, this one act

in this Jan. 1, 2020, photo, a protester shows a five demands gesture as Hong Kong people participate in their annual pro-democracy march to insist their five demands be matched by the government

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Many marchers held up five fingers to press the movement’s five demands. They include democratic elections for Hong Kong’s leader and legislature and a demand for a probe of police behavior during the months of sustained protests.

School students rally to back five demands 2019-10-18 HKT 18:40 Share this story Students from 11 secondary schools participated in the event at the at the University of Hong Kong. Photo: RTHK

If that’s any model to go by, the current protests and arrests “will be a shadow that hangs over the city for the next five years,” said Antony Dapiran, a Hong Kong-based lawyer and author of

Hong Kong: Protesters in Hong Kong have ended their overnight siege of police headquarters peacefully, disappointed that their demands for the territory’s leader to formally withdraw a contentious extradition bill and police to apologise for heavy

HONG KONG: Hundreds of office workers in Hong Kong’s business district gathered on Monday (Dec 2), for the first in a week of lunchtime protests backing the protest movement after its resounding

WORLD first published this timeline on Aug. 30 and has periodically updated it as events develop. For the newest entries, please see the bottom of the page. Political unrest in Hong Kong has accelerated since early this year, when the local government

“Fight for freedom! Stand with Hong Kong!” “Five demands! Not one less! ” The crowd is diverse—the young frontliners, sure, but also parents walking with children, groups of elderly men

Many marchers held up five fingers to press the movement’s five demands. They include democratic elections for Hong Kong’s leader and legislature and a demand for a probe of police behavior during

The 2019–20 Hong Kong protests are ongoing protests in Hong Kong triggered by the introduction of the Fugitive Offenders amendment bill by the Hong Kong government. Had it been

12/11/2019 · Hong Kong police harden response to pro-democracy protests Hong Kong’s embattled leader says not one less” holding up one hand with five outstretched fingers. Their demands include democratic

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Hong Kong’s Protests of 2019 www.crs.gov | IF11295 · VERSION 4 · UPDATED the nomination process in order for the Chief Executive to be elected by universal suffrage. Issues Motivating the Protests While the proposed extradition bill precipitated the continuing

In his dialogue which was also picked up by media in China, PM Lee said that acceding to the 5 demands of Hong Kong’s anti-government protesters was unlikely to solve the deep-seated issues linked to “one country, two systems”.

Sunday’s protests came as the Hong Kong government is looking into setting up an independent committee to review the handling of the reclaim Hong Kong, revolution of our time; five demands

Last month, five students from one Tung Wah secondary school were penalised after they blocked train doors to disrupt public transport amid calls for a citywide strike. This article Hong Kong protests: social workers rally in Central to rouse support for three-day

The next year saw five people, all linked to a Hong Kong bookshop that published books banned in China, disappear. Hong Kong dropped to 70 th in the world on the global press freedom index, from 18 th best in 2002.

Hong Kong was bracing for potential violence on Friday after student groups warned of an escalation in protests over the government’s refusal to meet an ultimatum on the

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HONG KONG — The massive street protests that have shaken Hong Kong over the past seven months are also straining family ties. Those taking to the streets see themselves as guardians of the

HONG KONG—For months now, I’ve been told that Hong Kong’s protests would end soon. They’ll end when school starts, I heard during the summer. School did start, but the protests wore on

She pointed out that Hong Kong protesters’ five demands don’t include seeking independence for the Chinese special administrative region, while Catalan protesters are hoping to achieve the region

In Clash With China, Hong Kong Soccer Fans Cheer Five Demands—but Not One Goal China wins game 2-0 in a rare chance for the two sides—and their fans—to engage in a direct showdown After six

Hong Kong starts the new year with mass protests organized by Civil Human Rights Front to insist Hong Kong people’s five demands be matched by the Hong Kong protests: Dozens detained by police during New Year’s Day demonstrations Hong Kong protests

The lunchtime protests in the central business district of Hong Kong continued on Monday, with dozens of office workers chanting slogans at a luxury mall, calling on officials to accept the